Raquel Ark

1. April 2020

Virtual Communication in a Crisis

Co-authored with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager at Buffer, Leadership Coach and Remote Work Advocate This article is an experiment, which started before Coronavirus. We are both […]
7. January 2020

A listening story in 8 parts

Listening is a ripple effect, and often we don’t even realize it’s impact. Many of us are making efforts to be better listeners and to catalyze […]
18. September 2017

What others are saying about good listening

9. November 2020

#Cultivating Meaningful #Relationships through #Compassionate #Listening with Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden of Someone To Tell It To

As humans, one of our greatest longings is to be heard. Through listening, we develop a certain connection to people around us in ways only possible […]
2. November 2020

Cultivating the #ListenFirst Movement with Communications Scholar Graham Bodie

Each person can be unique in how they show up as a listener. Even if they are at the exact same meeting and listen to the […]
7. September 2020

Impacting the #BottomLine through #Scaling #OrganizationalListening with Jim Macnamara

Do you feel heard by the organization you work for as an employee? Which companies do you feel listened to as a customer? What have you […]
26. July 2020

#education disruption and #innovation through #listening with Mike Yates

Imagine if you would have told your teacher that the way they just taught something was really lame? It probably would NOT be a good outcome. […]