Raquel Ark

18. September 2017

What others are saying about good listening

6. June 2019

Kathrin O’Sullivan: Listening in the High-stake Tech World for Effective Collaboration

Kathrin O’Sullivan is an experienced organization development consultant, executive coach and speaker with twenty years of experience in the tech industry including Google and Oracle. She […]
13. May 2019

Oscar Trimboli Full Interview: Getting Personal and Down to Business with Listening

Listen In on the full interview with Oscar Trimboli, author, speaker and award-winning podcaster of Deep Listening in episode 2. He also shares personal and business […]
12. May 2019

Oscar Trimboli: Listening in Organisations and to Customers

In episode 1, author, speaker and award-winning podcaster of Deep Listening speaks about listening in organizations and to customers that lead to action beyond what we […]
8. May 2019

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