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1. April 2020

Virtual Communication in a Crisis

Co-authored with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager at Buffer, Leadership Coach and Remote Work Advocate This article is an experiment, which started before Coronavirus. We are both […]
7. January 2020

A listening story in 8 parts

Listening is a ripple effect, and often we don’t even realize it’s impact. Many of us are making efforts to be better listeners and to catalyze […]
18. September 2017

What others are saying about good listening

12. April 2021

#Technology to Deeply #Listen to Each Other through Small Groups, both Asynchronous and Synchronous with Lorenz Sell

Imagine software that can be used to cultivate meaningful connections online. According to Lorenz Sell, this is possible by creating a container where small groups can […]
22. March 2021

How to #Listen to Yourself, Others and the Big Picture with Victor Pierau

Our busy minds can get in our way with connecting to ourselves and others. Often we blame it on all of the distractions around us. Yet, […]
8. March 2021

Activating the Value of #Belonging at Work Through #Listening with Sarah Judd Welch

What does listening have to do with belonging? There is currently a lot of buzz around the cost to organizations when employees do not feel belonging. […]
15. February 2021

The #TransformativePower of #GenerativeListening with Jane Adshead-Grant

How do we open up ourselves to possibilities, new ideas, and solutions? In this episode, Jane shares the impact of generative listening. She speaks about how […]