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15. February 2021

The #TransformativePower of #GenerativeListening with Jane Adshead-Grant

How do we open up ourselves to possibilities, new ideas, and solutions? In this episode, Jane shares the impact of generative listening. She speaks about how […]
1. February 2021

#Listening to Stories for #Healing and #Transformation with Liliane Pari Umuhoza

Everyone has had life and work experiences that we are afraid to share with others.  Yet keeping it inside can influence how we feel and impact […]
25. January 2021

Unlocking Your #Authentic Voice by #SpeakingYourTruth with Elissa Weinzimmer

How do we listen to really know if we are speaking our truth in our daily grind? When do we know if we are using our […]
14. December 2020

#HorizontalLeadership: The Secret Magical Potion of Listening and Time with Samantha Slade

It’s hard to function from a place of care and collaboration when everyone is under pressure. The complexity of different perspectives, opinions, budgets, deliverables, and stresses […]