Listen In

26. April 2021

Cultivating Active #Listening “Silence” to Become a Better #Leader with Lori Joubert

Have you ever paid attention to the assumptions we have in our conversations with different people?  Often when we’re listening to another person tell their story, […]
12. April 2021

#Technology to Deeply #Listen to Each Other through Small Groups, both Asynchronous and Synchronous with Lorenz Sell

Imagine software that can be used to cultivate meaningful connections online. According to Lorenz Sell, this is possible by creating a container where small groups can […]
22. March 2021

How to #Listen to Yourself, Others and the Big Picture with Victor Pierau

Our busy minds can get in our way with connecting to ourselves and others. Often we blame it on all of the distractions around us. Yet, […]
8. March 2021

Activating the Value of #Belonging at Work Through #Listening with Sarah Judd Welch

What does listening have to do with belonging? There is currently a lot of buzz around the cost to organizations when employees do not feel belonging. […]
15. February 2021

The #TransformativePower of #GenerativeListening with Jane Adshead-Grant

How do we open up ourselves to possibilities, new ideas, and solutions? In this episode, Jane shares the impact of generative listening. She speaks about how […]
1. February 2021

#Listening to Stories for #Healing and #Transformation with Liliane Pari Umuhoza

Everyone has had life and work experiences that we are afraid to share with others.  Yet keeping it inside can influence how we feel and impact […]
25. January 2021

Unlocking Your #Authentic Voice by #SpeakingYourTruth with Elissa Weinzimmer

How do we listen to really know if we are speaking our truth in our daily grind? When do we know if we are using our […]
14. December 2020

#HorizontalLeadership: The Secret Magical Potion of Listening and Time with Samantha Slade

It’s hard to function from a place of care and collaboration when everyone is under pressure. The complexity of different perspectives, opinions, budgets, deliverables, and stresses […]
30. November 2020

Designing Better Ways of Working: Creating an #Intentional #ListeningCulture with Jodie Goulden

Now is the time to start designing effective organizations of the future.  Are you ready to design your organization to be more empowered, innovative and productive? […]
9. November 2020

#Compassionate #Listening with Michael Gingerich and Tom Kaden of Someone To Tell It To

As humans, one of our greatest longings is to be heard. Through listening, we develop a certain connection to people around us in ways only possible […]
2. November 2020

Cultivating the #ListenFirst Movement with Communications Scholar Graham Bodie

Each person can be unique in how they show up as a listener. Even if they are at the exact same meeting and listen to the […]
7. September 2020

Impacting the #BottomLine through #Scaling #OrganizationalListening with Jim Macnamara

Do you feel heard by the organization you work for as an employee? Which companies do you feel listened to as a customer? What have you […]
26. July 2020

#education disruption and #innovation through #listening with Mike Yates

Imagine if you would have told your teacher that the way they just taught something was really lame? It probably would NOT be a good outcome. […]
20. May 2020

Developing Meaningful work With Others Through Listening

What can happen when three strangers from three different countries come together and listen to each other deeply? They learn to live well and become wiser.  […]
28. April 2020

Evidence on Listening Training and Workplace Performance with Guy Itzchakov

Listening training can improve workplace performance, creating an environment where employees feel empowered and collaboration is fostered.  Dr. Guy Itzchakov is an Assistant Professor at the […]
13. April 2020

The Power of Deep Listening with Executives with Rebecca Johns

Listening is one skill that is hard to practice. It goes beyond hearing the person. Truly keeping quiet, having introspection within while connecting with the other […]
1. April 2020

Virtual Communication in a Crisis

Co-authored with Marcus Wermuth, Engineering Manager at Buffer, Leadership Coach and Remote Work Advocate This article is an experiment, which started before Coronavirus. We are both […]
10. January 2020

Leaders and Asking Questions: The Surprising Discovery of What Is Needed to Find Solutions and Build Relationships with Niels Van Quaquebeke

Niels Van Quaquebeke, based in Hamburg, Germany, is an organisational psychologist and Professor of Leadership and Organizational Behavior, besides Head of the Management Department at KLU. He is recognized as […]
7. January 2020

A listening story in 8 parts

Listening is a ripple effect, and often we don’t even realize it’s impact. Many of us are making efforts to be better listeners and to catalyze […]
1. October 2019

Leadership & Listening: Challenges, Impact and Leaving an Unexpected Legacy with Parker Frawley

“The views expressed in this podcast are those of the participants and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the Department of the […]

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