Oscar Trimboli Full Interview: Getting Personal and Down to Business with Listening

Listen In on the full interview with Oscar Trimboli, author, speaker and award-winning podcaster of Deep Listening in episode 2. He also shares personal and business stories about how listening has become an important part of his life leading to his quest to create 100 million deep listeners by 2030. He gives great examples to inspire you to join this quest in unexpected ways. Connect with Oscar at oscartrimboli.com

“From a listening perspective, good leaders probably allocate about a third of their time… externally, Great leaders do about half of their time externally to listen to the marketplace.”

   – Oscar Trimboli


00:10 – Oscar shares how his recent client listens to him and answering a simple question takes into a great conversation

05:30 – A turning point events that marked the Deep Listening to be born

12:40 – The difference between a good listener and a great listener

17:18 – How listening can be effective in half the time while at the same time doubling your impact

19:45 – The importance of multi-generational leadership to young professionals

21:45 – Between employees and leaders in an organization how dialogue and listening can be truthful and effective

23:30 – Exploring further into a listening model in terms of context and unsaid

26:05 – How can you bring meaning into a conversation in connection with listening

33:05 – How to make conversations as human as possible to break barriers of communication in an organization

35:25 – The after effect to you and your business when not listening to your customer and marketplace

38:00 – The 5 level concept of Deep Listening model and its benefits

42:26 – Actionable advice to young leaders in today’s market outlook and the value of integrating listening modality to their business

47:50 – The key role of customers in the integration processes and success in the organizations

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Raquel Ark
Raquel Ark
I am a communicator, coach, facilitator devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that help you master the art of listening. Listening is the doorway to understanding, the bridge to connections and the foundation of trust.