What others are saying about good listening

I asked people around the world what happens when they feel like good listening has happened. Here were their answers:
Really good listening:
  • leads to awareness and self-reflection
  • creates bonds
  • is heart to heart
  • increases creativity
  • makes us curious
  • is genuine
  • is love
  • is being present
  • gives recognition
  • is a relief
  • shifts resistence
  • reveals insight
  • is really seeing someone
  • can be healing
Really good listening helps:
  • us feel connected, learn and grow
  • us understand each other
  • see the possibilities and new paths
  • us reach goals
  • openneness and empathy
  • build trust
  • give respect
  • feel valued
  • have good-relationships
  • have more informed choices and give more
  • informed recommendations
  • build commitment
  • discovery
  • notice the relevence
  • brings peace
  • hold space for someone
  • us to relax
  • be vulnerable
Raquel Ark
Raquel Ark
I am a communicator, coach, facilitator devoted to sharing ideas, tools and resources that help you master the art of listening. Listening is the doorway to understanding, the bridge to connections and the foundation of trust.